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9 Steps For Writing Good Poetry: Part Two

We delve into the final four crucial concepts of writing good poetry...
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Book Review: ‘The Circle’ by Dave Eggers

Laura Marshall reviews the latest offering from author Dave Eggers...
Advice for Writers

Unlocking the Narrator’s Point of View

Kyla Bagnall unlocks the intricacies behind the narrator's point of view...
Advice for Writers

9 Steps for Writing Good Poetry: Part One

We examine 9 amazing steps to help you kick-start your poetry writing...
Book Reviews

Book Review: ‘Amnesia’ by Peter Carey

Peter Carey's latest offering explores cyber warfare between Australia and The States... Does it ring true?

Kindling Volume II Deadline Approaching

Submit to 'Kindling Volume II' before it's too late!
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Writing Rural: Why and How You Should Explore Australian Place

We examine how you can explore Australian place in your creative writing...

Terry Pratchett Tribute: 93 Inspirational, Moving & Amusing Quotes

A series of thought-provoking quotes and passages as part of a tribute to the extraordinarily talented