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Why Taking Writing Breaks is Important

Can taking a break lead to your best writing yet? We explore why it's so important

Griffith REVIEW 46: The Novella Project II

Literary journal GriffithREVIEW is fostering a new golden age for the novella. The next edition showcases
Advice for Writers

3 Ways Travel Makes You A Better Writer

The experience of going abroad has always inspired us, but how does travel make us better
Advice for Writers

How to Get Published Online

The digital landscape offers a sea of publishing opportunities for emerging writers. But how do you

Featured in Books + Publishing

Writer's Edit Press and 'Kindling' have been featured in the wonderful Books + Publishing newsletter...
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How To Edit Your Own Writing

About to tackle the dreaded self-edit? Check out these handy tips before diving in!
Book Reviews

Looking for Alaska by John Green – Review

Before 'The Fault in Our Stars' there was John Green's 'Looking for Alaska'. Writer Dan Murphy
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Is A Pseudonym Right For You?

When is using a pen name right for you and your books? Newcomer April Davis investigates...